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  1. “Six Guitars” demonstrates the transcendental unity of 6 great guitarists through the person Dean Verger. Outstanding in a quiet, thoughtful way. Would like to enjoy it again if time permits. 10/10

    “Matchstick” emerges as a very ambitious endeavor. Writing and performing a ninety minute musical for two performers is not for the faint of heart. A very competent performance. But what fascinates is the conceptual turn of mind to attempt to provide a different insight into one of the century’s most seminal crimes. Despite the dark theme, handled properly, this musical would have the potential to be refined into a Broadway musical (a la “Cabaret”). 8/10 overall.

    “Imprisoned” deals with a disturbing theme. Unfortunately, though passionately performed, it is more of a cliche and provides little insight. Not recommended.

    “Moby-Dick; A Story Telling Adaptation”. Melville’s classic told with sensitivity but lacking passion. Passable if you haven’t enjoyed/waded through the novel but, otherwise, leaves the viewer a bit cold.

  2. “Slut Revolution” tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Cameryn Moore’s sex life – and perhaps a little bit more. The show explores what it’s like to evolve from a non-conformist Mormon to a highly sexed woman who’s into everything and anything. The show is funny, poignant and engaging, at times disturbing, and also educational. Among other things, you’ll learn which vegetables to avoid if Cameryn should ever invite you over for dinner. And just so you don’t have to search Google after the show, Wikipedia defines BDSM as “bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism”. Slut Revolution is a challenging ride – but worth the trip.

    “Windfall Jelly” is a dark and quirky play about love and apples and making the most of what you’ve got. It’s clear from the start that things aren’t right at home on the farm. The apples are down and the house needs repairs. Mom’s making jelly, while her son and his wife decide how to spend their anniversary. Should they go out for dinner? Or fix a hole in the roof? Will their differences tear them apart? Or will a sudden wind storm rekindle their love and bring them together forever? Well staged and performed if a bit cryptic. Expect loud thunder.

    “The Bike Trip” is a funny, touching, and fast-paced account of Martin Dockery’s LSD adventures. After tripping through Haight-Ashbury and India, Dockery travels to Switzerland where he follows in the footsteps of Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD, and ultimately learns to know his true self. If you’re looking for the Wanderlust experience, the Bike Trip is the show to see. Dockery’s at his best in this storytelling format.

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