Programs! Get your Programs Here!

For me, it never really feels like Fringe time until I get my hands on a program (which I was finally able to do today!). Sure, all the show listings are available online any time day or night, but unlike many of you, when I first started Fringing I had to wait for the program to come out before I could start filling out my show schedule for the year (while walking to school uphill both ways and updating my Geocities website).

We all know the Internet is really really great. But there’s just something about finally tracking down your copy of the program, circling the shows you want to see, crossing them out as you go, and watching it slowly decay from taking a year’s worth of abuse in just 10 days that just screams “Fringe!”. Amiright?

So for old folks like me (or the retro hipsters out there) our programs are available at any of the 1200 15 Bridgehead locations across Ottawa, and the main Fringe Box Office in Arts Court. During the festival they’ll also be available in the Courtyard and at all our venues.

Pick yours up today!

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  1. Is there a PDF of the entire program schedule available online? Browsing the shows singly on the “Shows” page takes a lot of time.

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