Fringe Lookahead: Wednesday, June 26

Happy Humpday! Only five days left to Fringe – if you’ve been putting off seeing that show or buying that pass you might want to get on that quick. Some shows have only two performances left, and we are quickly running out of 5 and 10-show passes (by the time you read this, all the 10-show passes may be gone…). Don’t be disappointed….!

Speaking of advance tickets (look at that segue!), My Second Smile has picked up lots of buzz over the past few days, and aside from selling tons of advance tickets, had a full house last night.  Passages is also really starting to sell (it’s a show I haven’t heard much about, to be honest, but I seem to be missing out…), the kids love Superhero Showdown, from what I hear on the tweets there was a big crowd at Never Fall in Love with a Writer, and from what I saw Occupy Me was also very very full yesterday.

It’s Fringe-O-Ween (or should that be Fringe O’Ween?) in the Courtyard tonight. Come dressed up in your favourite costume – and yes, this assumes that you own multiple costumes – the fun starts at 9:00 pm!

I saw Occupy Me yesterday – everyone should take a trip up to BYOV E (that would be Studio 311 on the third floor of 135 Seraphin Marion; the same building as Studio Léonard Beaulne) to see it. Did you know that Keeper is also playing in that venue, and that if you see both shows on the same night you can hang out in the Yogi Pierogi Lounge between shows? Drink tea! Eat pierogis! Added bonus: you only have to climb those stairs once.

Happy Fringing everyone!

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