Be a Man Story Slam

Antony Hall, of Be a Man, had his leg broken when hit by a car only hours after their opening night performance. He’s in good shape and good spirits, but has required surgery. In the show’s time slots, the community of Fringe artists has banded together for story slams as a pay-what-you-can fundraiser to help the guys recuperate their production costs.

The team will pick back up again with an understudy at the Winnipeg Fringe and have promised to return, with Antony, to the 2014 Ottawa Fringe.

Tuesday, 25 at 11:00pm Cameryn’s Smut Slam: Tales from the Sexual Bucket List

Saturday,  29 at 4:00pm Jeff Leard’s Catastrophe Canyon: Tales of Sudden Calamity

Sunday, 30 at 2:30pm Chase Padgett’s Altered States: Stories of Intoxication

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