Playlist: Stiff Quickies

by Ottawa Fringe

April 20, 2013

A thousand thank yous to those who joined last night’s Ottawa Fringe fundraiser.  In all, Stiff Quickies raised over $1500 for the non-profit Festival (and no one has even found the key to count that Tip the Fringe! box yet…)

For that drunk curious man shouting “IS THIS ON YOUTUBE?” in a dark theatre: here’s where you can find the filmmakers online.

“Victor Perpetual” by Ray Besharah

“Kay” by Craig Conoley

“Sunday” by Pascal Huot

“Change” by Shooter McNally

“Theaternia – Post Secular” by Luca Fiore

“50 People 1 Question” by Gabriel Marchand-Hébert

“The Right Time” by Rick Kaulbars

“Bird on a moving sidewalk – the art film” by Patrick Gauthier

“Dry Clean Only” by Andrew Alexander

“Captain Sorelski and the Women in Search of SPACEGOLD” by Matt Miwa

“First Snow” by Dan DeMarbre



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