2014 Lottery Results (incl. wait-list)


Company Hometown Province
Book of Why Ottawa ON
BraveNewWorlds Ottawa ON
Cirkusworld Productions Ottawa ON
Goombay Productions Ottawa ON
JH5 Promotions and Consulting Ottawa ON
Les Cherries Aylmer QC
Little Green Hat Gatineau QC
Loose Cannons Collective Ottawa ON
Punchbag Playhouse Ottawa ON
SDT Productions Ottawa ON
Shaken Theatre Ottawa ON
Silvia Kindl Ottawa ON
Slattery Theatre Ottawa ON
Smoke and Ash Productions Ottawa ON
Take a Jump in it Theatre Ottawa ON
Ultra Mega Super Party Club Ottawa ON
Underneath it All theatre co. Ottawa ON



Company Hometown Province
Natalie Joy Quesnel Ottawa ON
Black Sheep Theatre Ottawa ON
Hightide Theatre Company Ottawa ON
Here Be Dragons Ottawa ON
Olio Theatre Ottawa ON
Go Batty! Ottawa ON
Erudite Theatre Orleans ON
Vanity Project Productions Ottawa ON
Insight Theatre Ottawa ON
Glassiano Productions Ottawa ON
Third Wall Theatre Company Ottawa ON
Hutton Productions Ottawa ON
Tale Wagging Theatre Orleans ON
Theatre Kraken Ottawa ON
Bonnechere River Watershed Project Renfrew ON
Salamander Theatre Ottawa ON
ComedyCarter Ottawa ON
Current Productions Ottawa ON
Crush Improv Ottawa ON
Ripsnorter Playhouse Ottawa ON
Animate Structures Theatre Co. Ottawa ON
Lolita Productions Ottawa ON
Whimsimole Ottawa ON
KOKUS Productions White Lake ON
BreakAway Theatre Company Gatineau QC
Love Blossoms Kanata ON
Last Drop Productions Ottawa ON
The Tragedians of the City Nepean ON
Parry Riposte Productions Ottawa ON
Garkin Productions Ottawa ON
Rebel Rabbit Ottawa ON
Guayoyo Creative Collective Ottawa ON
Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company Kanata ON
Rock Bottom Movement Orleans ON
McMac Theatrics Ottawa ON
Dead Unicorn Ink Ottawa ON
Fucking Carl Gatineau QC
Faith & Arts Ottawa Nepean ON
Rapscallion Diversion Ottawa ON
the Guest & a Kindl Gatineau QC


Company Hometown Province
SNAFU Dance Theatre Kelowna BC
Ryan Gladstone Productions Vancouver BC
Devon More Music Vancouver BC
Jessica Fitzpatrick Toronto ON
Mark Shyzer Toronto ON
Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. Vancouver BC
Nefarious Projects Toronto ON
Squirrels At War London ON
ssb productions Halifax NS
The Old Folksinger Gabriola BC


Company Hometown Province
The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company Winnipeg MB
Ra Ra Wai Coquitlam BC
le form contemporary ballet theatre Burlington ON
Woo me myth Montreal QC
No Villain Theatre Verdun QC
Thunder Blunder Montreal QC
SadoLiterate Productions Lakefield ON
Bessie-Jean Productions Winnipeg MB
Stars And Hearts London ON
Artbeat Theatre Group Québec City QC
Gangland Productions Toronto ON
TNT Toronto ON
Life & Depth Vancouver BC
Keystone Theatre Toronto ON
Basement 08 Productions Huntsville ON
Universe of Atoms Toronto ON
Concrete Drops London ON
JIG theatre company Toronto ON
NovelSidewalk Theatre Company Toronto ON
Fisgard Labs Ladysmith BC
Laugh Gallery Productions Vancouver BC
Active Salad Productions Toronto ON
Randomusings Wells BC
Superhero Boy Band Productions Vancouver BC
Keith Brown London ON
Doctor Keir Co. Montreal QC
Little Fingers Music Toronto ON
Amethyst Rex Productions Georgetown ON
Awe! Theatre Toronto ON
Theatre Double Take Toronto ON
Coyote Collective Toronto ON
vanishing point Edmonton AB
Lee-Anne Poole Halifax NS
Opera 5 Toronto ON
Breath in Mvmt. London ON
Longbaby Productions Toronto ON
Good Game London ON
Theatre Howl Saskatoon SK
The Canadian Drift Owen Sound ON
Kyall Rakoz Calgary AN
Nemo Problema Delta ON
Poiema Productions Edmonton AB
Better to Burn Out/Tim C. Murphy Toronto ON
Theatre After Secrets Toronto ON
Farm Fresh Productions Toronto ON
The dying picture New Westminster BC
James Jordan Calgary AB
Neverending Highway Theatre Saskatoon SK
Run Ginger Run Toronto ON
Peachy Keen Productions Winnipeg MB



Company Hometown Country
Bradley Spann Los Angeles USA
Big Word Performance Poetry Surrey UK
Stacey Hallal Portland USA
Martin Dockery Brooklyn USA
Jack Fry Santa Monica USA
Carolann Valentino Productions New York City USA
Rook Theatre Philadelphia USA


Company Hometown Country
Rory Ledbetter Oxford, MS USA
Ross Travis San Francisco USA
1331 Theatre Glasgow UK
Red Chair Players Greenwich, CT USA
Jim Walker Productions Longmont, CO USA
Haste Theatre London UK
Kirchmann Productions Johannesberg ZA
Dance Naked Productions Portland USA
acrobatica Melbourne AUS
Tim Motley Elwood AUS
You Rung? Productions Christchurch NZ
Howard Petrick San Francisco USA
John Grady Los Angeles USA
Square Top Theatre Canton, NY USA
Buddy Wakefield Kingston, WA USA
Movin melvin brown Austin USA
SPNP Tech Brooklyn USA
Aaron Jessup Richmond, CA USA
David Kleinberg San Francisco USA
Ross Vegas Hamilton Hill AUS
LeBlarf West Toluca Lake, CA USA
HeavySonic Zürich CH
Talie Melnyk Brooklyn USA
Kapinski Enterprises Los Angeles USA
Mochinosha Puppet Company Shimotsuke-shi JP
Doug Knott Los Angeles USA



Company Hometown Province
Trinity Pit Stop Theatre Co. Kanata ON
Youth Infringement Festival Ottawa ON


Company Hometown Province
OYP Theatre School Orleans ON
Manotick Summer Arts Manotick ON
Something Clever Cornwall ON

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