2013 Lottery Results!

Thank you so much to all of you who joined us for the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival lottery gathering at the Royal Oak Laurier.  It was fantastic to see familiar and new faces together celebrating over their wins and hugging it out over their bad luck.

Wait-list applicants, please do not despair.  BYOV applications will be available in the new year.

And now, the line-up for the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival (including early-bird and Canadian Association of Fringe Festival winners):

Zeb L. West International
Circus Trick Tease International
Kurt Fitzpatrick International
Chase Padgett International
Nishadhi Dance Troupe International
Vanity Project Local
Bear and Co Local
Glassioano Productions Local
ShipBrecht Productions Local
Punchbag Playhouse Local
Dead Unicorn Ink Local
Current Productions Local
Rock the Arts Puppets Local
Black Sheep Theatre Local
Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion Local
Ginco Local
Remy Attig Local
TWA Local
FireFlood Theatre Local
Valley Wind Productions Local
Rasputin’s Production Local
Rebel Rabbit Local
Lonely Egg Local
Opera Five National
Nortesur Artistic Productions National
Bzzt! Trap Door Theatre National
Theatre Howl National
Small Matters Productions National
Monster Theatre National
Random Samples Collective National
Colin Godbout National
Ra Ra Wai Productions National
Toronto New Theatre National
Concrete Drops National
Cleen Theatre National
Youth Infringement Festival Youth
Mon Day Youth

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