Six Down, Five to Go

There are only five days left of Fringe! It’s coming to that time when you realize that there are more shows you want to see than available time to see them. I don’t know about you, but I have some tough decisions ahead – which shows do I see, and which ones will I have to miss? And what will I do if something I want to see sells out? (clearly, I should just buy some advance tickets)

Tuesday was another big night at the Fringe, with Vernus Says SURPRISE and Wolves > Boys both selling out in Studio Leonard Beaulne. The Open Couple, Space Mystery… from OUTERSPACE and Kuwaiti Moonshine also all had nice big crowds out at their shows. And as we head toward the end of the festival there’s lots of buzz building around In Waves, Lovebug Louie, Don’t Make Me Zealous, and White Noise – all shows that have flown under the radar a little bit, but that I keep hearing about in the Courtyard every night. I’m going to try and see them all. In fact, they’re all on tonight.

Last night was also our Super Secret Mystery Cabaret, featuring performances from 19 Fringe artists. I wasn’t able to be there (even I couldn’t get a ticket), but from the photos Catriona Leger was posting on Twitter, it seems like I missed out.

Speaking of photos (segue!), have you been to our Flickr page recently (or, ever)? We’ve been updating it with pics from this year, taken by or official photographer, Andrew Alexander.

Since we’re nearing the end of the festival, it’s time for you to vote for Fan Favourite. Remember: one vote per person, per day, please. Don’t be that guy.

Finally, be sure to check out the Courtyard events coming up over the next few days. Tonight is Fire Night, Thursday is Karaoke, and Saturday is Burlesque Night, brought to you by Bourbon and Spice.

And hey, how about another Fringe Focus interview? The team from This is Today talk about their show with Rachel…

Happy Fringing. See shows while you still can. Sunday is closer than you think!

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