Heat Wave

Is it just me, or is it getting a bit warm outside?

The hot temperatures (hey, it’s better than rain, am I right?) coincided with Fire Night in the Courtyard yesterday, but the heat didn’t keep audiences away from the festival, as shows like 100 First Kisses, 2020, Lonely Bear, Little Lady, and Ne Me Quitte Pas, Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert all had big houses on a warm Wednesday night. Remember Fringers, our venues are Air Conditioned!

I’ve also been told that 10-show Frequent Fringer passes are almost sold out. We’ve closed online sales, but passes are still available the main Fringe box office in Arts Court, or at the venues. Get one today if you’re planning a last-minute weekend blitz. And if you need help deciding what to see, check out the program info on our website, or download a PDF of the program, complete with master calendar (I use it on my iPad. It is awesome).

Speaking of program info, Glassiano Productions has changed the time of the June 24 performance of A Report to an Academy. The show will now be at 3:30 pm, NOT 11:00 pm as indicated in the program. Spread the word.

If you’re around the Courtyard tonight (because drinking beer is another good way to keep cool) it’s Karaoke night. And don’t forget, Saturday is Burlesque Night.

And don’t forget, parents: our Mini Fringers camp is on again the Saturday from 1:30-5:00 pm. I’ll have my kid there. I have shows to see and little time to see them!

And finally, here’s a Fringe Focus for you, in which Rachel interviews Jonah Allingham of In Waves, which has some nice buzz around it. I’ll be there tonight at 6:30.

Happy Thursday. Stay cool, Ottawa.

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