Fringe Round Up – June 18, 2012

With the first weekend of Fringe in the books, let’s take a look what the internet is saying about the 2012 festival.

You’ve probably heard us talking about our partnership with CBC Radio (we’re very excited about it). Lucky for us, they’re archiving a ton of their Fringe content in one convenient location. Have a listen!

Both Fully Fringed and the Capital Critics Circle have a ton of reviews you might want to read.

The Ottawa Citizen has a great video of our 2012 Festival launch, for those who may have missed it.

As always, Kevin Reid has been in a Fringe Coma since the festival began. And his team of reviewers have been out in full force as well. Kevin has built one of the (if not the) best local theatre blog. Go read his stuff.

Nadine Thornhill touts Ottawa Fringe as the sexiest in Canada (and I couldn’t agree more!), and promises more coverage throughout the week.

The Playwright’s Guild of Canada has a group interview with playwrights putting up shows in London, Montreal, and of course, Ottawa.

Finally, the folks over at Production Ottawa (who you may remember from their video reviews in 2011) have put together a Mega Preview (with an embedded video below), a fully customizable master schedule, and a series of daily Vlogs from the festival.

Did I miss anything? Are you writing about Fringe and would like to be mentioned in the next Fringe Round Up? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure you aren’t left out next time!

One response to “Fringe Round Up – June 18, 2012

  1. Happily attended the opening night of the Ottawa Fringe last Thursday. Check out my blog post about the festival at my blog SPROCKETS AND GREASEPAINT.:

    I love the Ottawa Fringe and only wish I could have stayed down longer. Cheers and have a great rest of the festival.

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