10 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 7: Wolves > Boys

May Can Theatre
Ottawa, Canada
by Tony Adams and Cory Thibert
50 mins | Comedy, Drama | Mature

In a wolf pack there is the Alpha and the Beta male. If the Beta male dishonours the Alpha male it can result in a divide in the pack, or even in the Beta leaving entirely. This play is about Isaac and Lawrence, they are not wolves.

Venue 4 – Studio Leonard Beaulne
Thursday June 14 8:30 (2 for 1)
Sunday June 17 12:00
Tuesday June 19 10:00
Thursday June 21 8:30
Friday June 22 8:30
Sunday June 24 4:30

In addition to partial nudity, we’ve also got Tony and Cory’s interview with Rachel Eugster.

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