10 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 3: The Fat Guy Show

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend (I know those of you at AN EVENING WITH SCOTT THOMPSON on Friday night did. But I’ll never think of Centaur’s the same way again…). Only 10 days to Fringe, and we’ve got a more previews for you throughout the week…


If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Productions
Seattle, USA
by Christopher Bange
60 mins | Comedy | General

The Fat Guy’s dream is to be the greatest magician in the world and his only true friend is Neil Diamond! Clown, magic, and theatrical madness explodes as he is faced with his most enormous obstacle. Will the fat guy lose everything? Or will Neil Diamond save his soul!

Venue 4 – Studio Leonard Beaulne
Friday June 15 8:30 (2 for 1)
Saturday June 16 9:00
Sunday June 17 9:30
Tuesday June 19 7:00
Wednesday June 20 5:30
Sunday June 24 7:30

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