Looking for Fringe reviews? Look no further…

Looking for Fringe reviews?  You’ve come to the right place.

Since the beginning of the festival we’ve been archiving as many reviews as possible on our site at ottawafringe.com/reviews.  Most of these come from mainstream media sources, as the sheer number of reviews being published this year precludes me from posting all of them, as that’s all I’d have time to do (seriously kids, there is a lot of coverage this year).  I’ll be updating this page for the rest of the festival, so check back every so often to see what might be new.

Of course, there are also external websites that are reviewing as well.  If you’re still on the lookout, why not check out:

Fully Fringed
For the second year in a row, this partnership between Apartment 613 and Ottawa Sneezers is reviewing EVERY SINGLE SHOW. And by the time you read this, they have probably accomplished just that.  Head on over to hear about anything and everything.

Capital Critics Circle
CBC Radio One critic and her team of reviewers is out covering as much as they can.  Alvina’s reviews can be found here, and you can read all of the Ottawa Citizen’s Patrick Langston’s reviews here (and make sure you check back to their page post-Fringe, as they cover theatre from Ottawa, Canada, and around the world)

The Wig
Ottawa’s online arts magazine The Wig has sent reviewer Holly Gordon out to Fringe.  You can read her (so far) three part series of reviews on the Fringe: part one, part two, part three.

Yay or Nay Reviews
While generally film critics, the boys at Yay or Nay Reviews have tackled the Fringe in June.  And not only are they reviewing a lot of shows (I think they were well over a dozen last time I checked), each review is released as a video podcast.  They’ve archived their Fringe reviews in one handy place for you.  They’ve also produced ANOTHER video (do those guys ever sleep) with links to them all as well, which I’ve embedded for you.

Aside from media sources, there are Fringers, bloggers, and Fringe-bloggers who have taken up the mantle of writing reviews.  I post a regular round up of those reviews every couple of days in the Fringe Round Up post – the first of which is here (and there’s a pre-Fringe Round Up available as well).

And as always, you can find reviews (or leave your own) on each individual show page on our site.

Did I miss some reviews? Leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to update the post!

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