Wiseman still stepping on toes

By Patrick Langston , The Ottawa Citizen June 17, 2010

Actionable Grow or Die Music

by Bob Wiseman

Lawyers are not Bob Wiseman’s friends. His shrewd and often very funny show Actionable uses storytelling, music, PowerPoint presentations and Super 8 film to relate his run-ins with a litigious world since he left Blue Rodeo to launch a solo career in 1991. Lawyers for Warner Music, Pepsi, Prince … is there anyone who hasn’t issued a “cease and desist” letter to this guy?

Quirky, endearing, at once vulnerable and sharp-tongued, he seems incapable of writing a song or coming up with an idea that doesn’t step on someone’s toes. Even at a Fringe, show, an issue arises.

On Thursday night, several people came into the venue late without paying, and Wiseman stopped the show to upbraid them (one assumes this was not staged). He has clearly grown impatient with a world that often takes art for granted.

Wiseman is appearing at the Mercury Lounge until June 27.

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