G-Men Defectives a good time

by Alain Richer

June 21, 2010

By Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen
June 21, 2010

OTTAWA — Commies on the right, commies on the left. And they don’t have a thing to worry about with G-Men Marmaduke and Garfield, graduates of a mail-away commie detection course, training audiences in the recondite art of red spotting. Ray Besharah is Marmaduke and Sterling Lynch plays Garfield, and two more hapless defenders of capitalism couldn’t be imagined.

As silly as the whole business of mid-20th century commie hunting was, this duo squabbles, cracks bad jokes about mothers and would likely escape the red menace only by making the Marxist horde laugh itself sick.

“Always be suspicious of everything and everyone” is the motto of the two as they teach us, sort of, how to become a “fighting force for freedom.”

No life messages here, no exploration of uncharted psychic territory: just a good time with a couple of high-energy goofballs.

At Janigan Studio, Ottawa Little Theatre until June 27

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