2010 Ottawa Fringe Lottery Results!

The 2010 Ottawa Fringe Lottery was held on Thursday, December 3, at 7:00 pm at Ottawa’s Avant-Garde Bar.  But before beginning the lottery, new Executive Producer Natalie Joy Quesnel had some Fringe news for the packed room:

  • – The Ottawa Fringe received 109 applications this year – a new record for the festival!
  • – of the 10 winners of the 2010 CAFF Touring Lottery, 8 companies chose to participate in the Ottawa Fringe (also a new record)
  • – Alumni Auditorium will NOT be a venue in 2010; it will be replaced by SAW Gallery, which after years as a BYOV has graduated to official venue status
  • – there may be a new mystery venue added as well.  But we can’t talk about that quite yet…

After the news, the lottery began!  We had 32 spots to draw (after 8 were claimed by CAFF lotto winners) in 3 categories: local (Ottawa and region), national (the rest of Ontario and Canada), and international (everywhere else).  The lucky companies are:

Amy Crnkovic and Tanya Elchuk (Thunder Bay, ON)
Connor Thompson (Toronto, ON)
Tethersend Productions (Toronto, ON)
Bundle of JOY Productions (Saskatoon, SK)
Heat & Hot Water Productions (Vermont, USA)
Cameryn Moore (Jamaica Plain, MA; USA)
Daniel Nimmo (Australia)
David Gaines (Arlington, VA; USA)

Toto Too Theatre
JAT Productions
Chop Productions
Percolator Productions
Counterpoint Players
The Tragedians of the City
Galloping Coconuts Productions
Current Productions
Jer’s Vision
Troupe de la Lune
Modern Geek Theatre
Bio-Punk Productions
Salamander Shakespeare Company
Negative Theatre
Michelle Leblanc
Erudite Theatre

Mister Froggy Theatre (Toronto, ON)
Angry Kitten Productions (Toronto, ON)
Peacemeal Theatrical Productions (Winnipeg, MB)
Esby Kabarett Productions (Vancouver, BC)
Abstract Theatre Productions (Winnipeg, MB)
Prairie Fire Presents (Toronto, ON)
Inertia Productions (Montreal, QC)
Elison Zasko Inc. (Toronto, ON)
Penny for Your Brain Productions (Toronto, ON)
Written on Water Theatre (Toronto, ON)
The Peter n’ Chris Show (Vancouver, BC)

Too Much Free Time Productions (Brooklyn, NY; USA)
Barry Smith Presents (Aspen, CO; USA)
Shoshinz (Suginami, JAPAN)
Gunstwork Puppet Mask Theatre (Boulder, CO; USA)
1331 Productions (Old Cathcart, SCOTLAND)

Orleans Young Players Theatre School (Orleans, ON)
Youth Infringement Festival (Ottawa, ON)

Congratulations to everyone who was drawn!  For those companies who weren’t fortunate enough to have their name pulled, please contact the Fringe office for details on your position on the wait list.

Remember: only 195 days to Fringe!

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