The Accident

Ottawa Fringe Festival

The Accident

By Patrick Langston

Possessor of one of the liveliest minds, not to mention highest energy levels, on the fringe circuit, Australia’s one-man wonder Jonno Katz is back in Ottawa for a second year. This time, Katz brings us the excellent adventures of brothers Roy and Sebastian. The latter is a conceptual artist with an advanced case of cluelessness; the former a self-important type with bricks for brains who decides to promote his younger brother’s laughable art project. To complicate matters, Roy’s marriage to Emily, a none-too-swift gal also played by Katz, teeters on disaster. You’ll have to see the quicksilver show, packed with mime and dance and hilarity, to find out more. Suffice to say that the limber-limbed Katz is superb (watch for his depiction of an esophagus at work) and his show a self-contained delight. At Arts Court Theatre until June 27.

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