Ottawa Fringe Festival in the News!!!

Ottawa Fringe In The News!
AChannel’s A Morning this morning featured Major Payne Productions (Save Point), THEATrePUBLIC (Spiral Dive) and Ottawa Fringe Executive Producer Kevin Waghorn

Roger’s Daytime will feature iMi CasaI (Countries Shaped Like Stars)

CHUO’s Audio Visual at noon today will have peeps from mutatis mutandis, Crush Improv, Jem Rolls, and Scratchcard productions

CBC All in a Day – Adrian Harewood interviews Fringe volunteer Fraser McKinnon and Executive Producer Kevin Waghorn to garner their insight on why Fringe is an event not to be missed
Metro Ottawa features a two page spread on the Ottawa Fringe Festival including interviews with Ditto Productions (This is a Recording), Amy Salloway (Heebs and Dweebs) and Ottawa Fringe Communications Manager Catriona Leger
CKCU at 4:30 will feature Crush Improv’s Brad MacNeil chatting about his must see comedies of the Fringe season.

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