Of Hard Drives and Lost Interviews

Simon Bradshaw & Kelly Rigole

Maybe you’ve seen the series of artist interviews we’ve been running on the site during the festival. It was our intention to feature artists and shows you may have overlooked when flipping through your Fringe Guide. Artists whose process or biography may be of interest to you.

Besides the two we have already featured (and those still to come over the weekend), we also had interviews planned with artists from two other productions: Ditto Productions’ Simon Bradshaw and Kelly Rigole (This is a Recording), as well as Sherry, Rembrandt, and Harlan MacLeod (of Save Point).

Unfortunately, last week I suffered a hard drive failure, which resulted in losing not only the partially-written interviews, but also the audio files. So while you won’t get to read the interviews, I wanted to take a few moments to write briefly about the shows.

This is a Recording
In this original piece of verbatim theatre, actors/creators Simon Bradshaw and Kelly Rigole take the stories of everyday people – friends, relatives, strangers – and weave together a touching tale of everyday heroism. Equal parts poignant and hilarious, this is one of the hidden gems of the Fringe, and has some great buzz behind it (not to mention fantastic performances from Bradshaw and Rigole). There is only one performance left, see it.

Save Point
Sherry MacLeod had never written a Fringe play before. Her sons, Rembrandt and Harlan, had never acted before. But that didn’t stop this family from calling up Executive Producer Kevin Waghorn and asking “how do we put on a Fringe show?” Based on the real-life experiences of trying to wean the younger Harlan off video games, Save Point finds mother and son trapped inside one of Harlan’s games and unable to escape until they reach a Save Point. The show also features an original score and sound effects by older son Rembrandt.  A true family affair.

Harlan, Sherry, and Rembrandt MacLeod

Ditto Productions’ This is a Recording has its final performance on Saturday June 27 at 8:00 pm. Save Point plays again today (Friday June 26) at 6:00 pm and Saturday June 27 at 11:00 pm. Both shows are in Venue #1 – Alumni Auditorium.

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