Heebs and Dweebs

To feel like an outsider is nothing remarkable — we’re all misfits in our own ways. What is remarkable is how effortlessly Amy Salloway turns an apparent lifetime of outsiderdom into an hour of very funny, occasionally poignant storytelling/performance that’s at once about her and about all of us.

Heebs and Dweebs bounces from grade school through adolescence and into adulthood as Salloway careens from narratives about cruel classmates and a stepfather who mindlessly twirls his jungle of belly hair while watching television to an anxiety-riddled vignette of dropping her gelato on a city street, a vignette that has somehow shifted to the death of Mama Cass before you realize where the fleet Salloway is going. The show, as Salloway disarmingly states, is a work in progress, so you forgive her the odd weakness. At Studio Leonard-Beaulne until June 23.

Patrick Langston

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