There are gems at this year’s Ottawa Fringe Festival and surely Enter, Screaming is one of them. Fastpaced, funny and cleverly written, this amusing take on “magic, mischief and munitions” has a delightful cast of six that performs with gusto and flare. A stuttering man takes a love potion and then turns his romantic attention toward the brother of his girlfriend, with some hilarious results. The hapless brother tries to undo the spell by going to fairy Beatrix (Johni Keyworth) who is very funny in the role.

Alex da Silva is also a comic standout as the pixie Panko. Writer Richard Hemphill laces the plays with some delicious zingers about the power of magic such as “magic is one of life’s little shortcuts.” Enter, Screaming should really be retitled Enter Laughing because of its madcap humour and zaniness. Staged by Punchbag Playhouse. At Academic Hall, June 24, 26, 27

Tony Lofaro

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