40 Seconds to Fringe

The Oracle has been eagerly poring over the Ottawa Fringe Festival program and it didn’t take us long to find names and faces familiar to west side theatre-goers.

Actors and directors from Hintonburg-staged productions are to be found throughout the festival’s ten-day schedule, and we’re doing our best to corner as many of them as we can. And when we catch up with them, we ask them give us their best short pitch as to why you should see their Fringe production.

Some pitches are very short indeed, but still manage to evoke the unique flavour of the Fringe.

“Oreo” pitch by performer Colleen Sutton

“Squatter Heart” pitch by creator/performer Annie Lefebvre

“Chatroom” pitch by director James Richardson

“No Exit Upstage” pitch by creators/performers Nancy Kenny and Natasha Jetté

“Catgut Strung Violin” pitch by performer Charles Gamble

“The Women Come and Go…” pitch by Creator/Performer Kristina Watt

“We Never Clothed” pitch by Director Jessie Fraser

“Comes Around” pitch by director/performer Margot MacDonald

“Pitch Blond” pitch by creator/performer Laura Harris

“Wild Abandon” pitch by performer Zach Counsil

“Beer Tent” pitch by creator/performer Kel Parsons

“Jump” pitch by creator/performer Beverly Wolfe

Courtesy of The Wellington Oracle

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