2009 Fringe Lottery Results!!!

The 2009 Fringe Lottery was held on December 3rd at the Brig Pub. Thank you to all those who came out to watch and congratulations to the following companies for their successful entries into this years Fringe. Waiting Lists are at the bottom.

Successful Local Theatre Companies

  • Silent QUEMB Prodictions
    Bun’s Own Production Company
    Smashing Stereotypes Productions
    Guerilla Productions
    Major Paine Productions
    Garkin Productions
    Ditto Productions
    Hand-Drawn Productions
    Allye Vice
    OSSD Pre-Professional Company
    The Organic Peoples Theatre
    Beverley Wolfe
    Redux Delux
    Make Your Own Productions
    100 Watt Productions
    People With Principles Productions
    FloatingButts Productions
    mutadis mutandis
    Punchbag Playhouse
    These Lose Threads Theatre Troop

    Successful National Theatre Companies

    • Zir.O
      Hard Times
      Theatre ABC
      Theatre X
      The Quickening Theatre
      Slow Poke Productions
      Destination Ink Productions
      Sansregret Productions
      Doctor Keir Co.
      Dutch Girl Productions
      Wog Productions
      Parker and Seville

    Successful International Theatre Companies

    • Tricklock Company
      Too Much Free Time Productions
      Peanutfish Productions
      Awkward Moment Productions
      Overcoat Theater

    CAFF Lottery Winners

    • TheatrePublic Theatre Society
      Fancy Molasses
      Jonno Katz – Epicworlds.com
      Lana Schwarcz
      Big Word Performance Poetry

    Youth Category

    • Orleans Young Players Theatre School
      The OSSD Young Company



    1. Hightide theatre company
    2. Black Sheep Theatre
    3. Erudite Theatre
    4. critical distance
    5. Doreen Taylor-Claxton
    6. Barbara Rager
    7. Little Hole in the Wall
    8. Lesser Men Productions
    9. Where4
    10. Stage Left Productions
    11. Shadowplay Productions
    12. Double-Cut Productions
    13. Scheherazade Theatre
    14. FIDA Theatre Company
    15. Zopyra Theatre
    16. Jer’s Vision
    17. Vanguard Productions
    18. Albatross Productions
    19. Troupe de la lune
    20. Stand-Up Girl!
    21. The Meus
    22. Hoop-La-La
    23. Salamander Shakespeare Co.
    24. Insensivity Training
    25. Crush Improv
    26. Pulse Theatre
    27. Some Pig / 404 Productions


    1. The Empty Space
    2. Acky-Made
    3. BOQ Productions
    4. Emergency Architect
    5. Footpath Productions and TheatreKairos
    6. Crowning Monkey
    7. Big Empty Barn Productions
    8. Closed Due to Rain
    9. Cabbage Under Heavy Fire
    10. Inertia Productions
    11. Lazy Susan
    12. Attunement Productions
    13. Chipped Paint Productions
    14. Phaedrus Folds
    15. 2 Hot Blonde Divas
    16. Up From The Roots


    1. Infinity Live Productions
    2. Cathryn Fairless
    3. Gemma Wilcox productions
    4. Heat and Hot Water Productions
    5. SunsetGun Productions
    6. Randy Rutherford Presents
    7. Tim C. Murphy

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