Bring a Jacket

As much as I’d like to deny it, we are not getting ideal weather for this year’s festival.  While the report keeps changing, I think we should view the sunny days as pleasant surprises and prepare to get through short bouts of rain for nine more days.  Dress in layers people, this is still Ottawa.

The first day of shows seemed to go well.  I didn’t manage to see anything but I was getting strong reports back in the tent.  The panic of scheduling is a phenomenon that fascinates me every year.  If someone wants to see a hefty chunk of shows, they have to be prepared to occasionally travel from Alumni to Saw at a brisk pace.  It’s to be expected.  What I enjoy is the panicked visit to the tent to chat with people, try to drum up a date for the next show and then quickly engage into a “What have you seen?” discussion.  So far, I have heard good things about Greed and Shadows in Bloom.  Share your feelings on the first night of shows below.

Tonight’s preview’s will start a bit later, but come down to the tent and tell us what you’ve seen, what you’ve liked and wish Cara a Happy Birthday.

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