5 Questions with the Volunteer Coordinators

A Fringe Festival without volunteers would quickly disintegrate into a mob of fools spouting monologues for anyone who will listen. They are the skeleton on which the festival is built.  To mobilize the numbers of people necessary to make these 10 days a success, you require people with the brains of generals and the hearts of saints.  We not only have one person like this, we have two.  Samira and Louisa manage to give leadership and love to volunteers and performers alike.  Below are their answers.  Remember, the Fringe is always looking for volunteers and it is the easiest way to see a show for free.  Come down to the tent and sign up at volunteer HQ anytime during the festival.

1)  In a few sentences, sum up how each of your became volunteers for this festival before you were on staff (if indeed you were).
SAM-    I wasn’t a volunteer :(. But I’m sure by now I would have been!

LOUISA– I’ve been volunteering for the Fringe since 2003.  I’d been coming and seeing shows before then, and finally had some time to volunteer that June.  It was love at first Fringe

2)  We’ve spoken in the past about how volunteers are often the only reviewers that audiences get to hear.  Do you remember any distinct reviews or reviewers in lime green shirts? 
LOUISA– Not necesarily green per sé, but I’ve always asked the other volunteers what’s hot.  You can’t help but form opinions when you’re out on the front lines like that, seeing what shows are selling, and hearing what else people have been out to see.
3)  How many volunteers have you seen go on to become performers or staff?
SAM- Laura Hall! Louisa Haché! (2 I guess) 

LOUISA-  Kevin Waghorn and I first met when we were volunteers together.  And I couldn’t begin to count the number of volunteers I’ve seen in shows, or performers I’ve seen behind the box office table!  

4)  What is the most shifts you’ve seen a volunteer take?
SAM- Hope Zonruiter last year must have taken 25 shifts in box office.  

LOUISA– mid 20’s seems to be the cap that people can take.  But every year, I see people trying to best their own record.

5)  If this were a summer camp, what type of councilors would the two of you be?
SAM- I would love to be the swimming instructor, but chances are I would be in crafts or cooking.  

LOUISA– I’ve worked in daycamps a long time, ran everything from drama to boys sports to religious awareness.  I’d love to be the nature expert, go hiking and such.

Ladies, from all who you have helped, I say thank you.

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