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10 Days of Fringe Previews: Day 9 – Be A Man

by Patrick Gauthier

June 13, 2013

Only two more days of previews to go! BE A MAN Black Sheep Theatre · Edmonton, AB by RibbitRePublic Booze! Sex! Hockey! Shaving! What does it take to Be A Man? A series of powerful vignettes that explore every possible dynamic of the fouler sex. Thought-provoking, compelling and hilarious, Be A Man is an unapologetic… Read More

Our Hump Day preview is brought to you by GRIMprov, an Ottawa based troupe of improvisers… oh. I just got that. GRIMPROV PRESENTS: GRIMprov · Ottawa, ON by GRIMprov Never attempted before: nine unique improvised comedies each night! GRIMprov Presents are the best styles chosen from two years of experimentation. Come see James Bond, Drugs,… Read More

10 Days of Fringe Previews: Day 7 – Cathedral City

by Patrick Gauthier

June 11, 2013

Veteran Fringers will remember Kurt Fitzpatrick‘s  The Last Straight Man in Theatre (along with a slew of other solo shows). He hasn’t been at the Ottawa Fringe in a few years, but he’s back in 2013! CATHEDRAL CITY Kurt Fitzpatrick · Brooklyn, USA by Kurt Fitzpatrick Kurt Fitzpatrick explodes on stage with an original mind-bending… Read More

After a weekend off we’re back with Day 6 of our 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival previews. Miss last week’s? They’re here and here and here and here (and this one too). Happy Monday! EMISSIONS: A CLIMATE COMEDY ShipBrecht Productions · Ottawa, ON by Ann Cavlovic An intelligent satire about the human dynamics behind climate change… Read More

Festival bolstered by Cameryn Moore

by Amanda Logan

June 10, 2013

The bad news: Ottawa audiences will be bummed to learn that, due to travel complications, Nishadhi Dance Troupe will no longer be performing at the 2013 Ottawa Fringe. With good fortune, we’ll have the opportunity to see Traditional Dances of Sri Lanka during a future edition of the Festival.  Tickets purchased for their show can be exchanged or… Read More

That’s one way to see it…

by Amanda Logan

June 9, 2013

  It seems the 2013 Festival program has inspired a local artist to doodle a depiction of every Ottawa Fringe production. That’s one for each of the 54 productions being staged this year. Posting images to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Pascal Huot is on track to complete his spontaneous project in time for the Festival’s… Read More

That doesn’t go there

by Amanda Logan

June 8, 2013

Soon begins the Fringe-for-all of posting promo material to every conceivable space downtown Ottawa.  Companies, take two minutes to familiarize yourself with municipal by-laws (you’ll thank me when street crews tear down mid-month those posters that violate the rules).  City of Ottawa, take it from here.

In more cynical circles, one might say that creating art of any kind is a work of vanity. Local actor Tim Oblerholzer takes it one step further this Fringe…. THE VANITY PROJECT Vanity Project Productions · Ottawa, ON by Tim Oberholzer Twas writ’ Narcissus’ vanity Was that which sealed his fate, But maybe Ovid got… Read More goes mobile

by Amanda Logan

June 7, 2013

No kidding – give it a shot and you’ll see. On a desktop?  Experiment with the browser size.  By playing with the window’s dimensions, you’ll notice the website responds to provide a mobile layout in smaller browsers and a full web layout otherwise. This mobile marvel and more voodoo magic brought to the Ottawa Fringe… Read More

It’s appropriate, I think, after yesterday’s post about Fringe For Families that we follow up with a show appropriate for ages 1+ (all you newborns can take your business elsewhere!). You may have seen Ottawa’s Rock The Arts performing in the Courtyard in the past, or maybe you caught them at the Ottawa Theatre Challenge,… Read More