Created by Trip the Light Theatre Collective | Produced by Trip the Light Theatre Collective | Origin: Ottawa, Canada
La Nouvelle Scène – Studio A
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Polygraph is a multi-disciplinary devised piece that explores misogyny in the media. In this piece a masc-presenting A-list celebrity and a femme-presenting pop star are both the subjects of a lie detector interview.


Content Notes

Polygraph may contain Mature language, Sexual content, Violence, Abrupt loud noise, Mental Health, Discussions of substance use, discussions of / depictions of grooming, discussions of sexual assault, discussions of CPTSD

A script sample is available for this show. This show will have masked performances June 17th at 6:30pm and June 22nd at 1:30pm.

Click Here For Script Sample


  • Sunday, June 167:30PM
  • Monday, June 176:30PM
  • Wednesday, June 198:30PM
  • Thursday, June 209:00PM
  • Saturday, June 221:30PM
  • Sunday, June 235:30PM
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Flipping between the roles of interviewer and interviewee we see how each character leads and responds, creating a delicate dance that reveals the truth behind both these characters.

8 responses to “Polygraph

  1. I got to see the opening show of Polygraph and I am so glad I did! It was a polished and well-structured piece. The cast did an amazing job and I am recommending it to all my friends!

  2. This was such a gripping story, with such eerie charm in some ways and very real terror in others. The writing, choreography, and acting was just so incredible and seemingly effortless; though I’d expect nothing less from this collective! I would highly recommend it!

  3. Fantastic play. Well written, hits home important themes and great stage management. Phenomenal acting by the duo.

  4. Hard to watch in all the right ways. I’ve enjoyed Trip the Light’s shows in the past, and this didn’t let me down – from excellent choreography to emotionally-evocative acting, this play left me with the kind of bittersweet pit in my stomach that I think we all need to remember (and be reminded of) more often than we do.

  5. It was so amazing! I laughed, cried, cringed (in the best way). Trip the Light seriously outdid themselves. Heavy topic, but it was addressed so beautifully. A must-see!

  6. Such a poignant piece, I have not stopped thinking about it. I was left me feeling moved, angry, and wanting to scream at the world (as we should!), but also with a lot to ponder over. The cast is incredibly talented, the direction and choreography was effortlessly brilliant, and everyone at Trip the Light put on an amazing show, as always!

  7. This show made me feel uncomfortable for all the right reasons – the performers did an excellent job. This is an importance piece of theatre.

  8. What an absolutely powerful show. So incredibly well choreographed, lighted, and acted. The content warnings are no joke, but such an important piece on very real issues women in entertainment face. Imagery from this show will stick with me for life.

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