Murder, She Read

Created by Brendan Rowe and Valerie Cardinal | Produced by OwlySprocket Productions | Origin: Montreal, Canada
La Nouvelle Scène – Studio A
14 + fees

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It’s 1908, and there’s been a murder! Wyndergate Manor’s mystery novel-obsessed maid takes it upon herself to deduce who did the deadly deed after she decides that renowned detective Charles de Chevigné is a fraud.

Content Notes

This is a murder mystery, so there is talk of violent themes and death. Minor knife fight with prop knives (small amount of stage blood possible). We also selected ABRUPT LOUD NOISE as we’ll have some sudden sound effects coming from offstage e.g. a scream.

A transcript and audio pre-show note are available for this show. 

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  • Friday, June 147:30PM
  • Saturday, June 153:00PM
  • Sunday, June 164:30PM
  • Tuesday, June 187:30PM
  • Friday, June 216:00PM
  • Sunday, June 237:00PM
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With the Manor’s hapless butler as the Watson to her Holmes, can Helena solve the mystery before the killer strikes again… Or will she make herself look guilty in the process?

12 responses to “Murder, She Read

  1. Who doesn’t love a murder mystery with a comedic twist! The duo made me laugh and Richard was phenomenal in his role! Would definitely recommend checking out this show!

  2. The most fun ever summoned by a dinner bell, by Jove! Witty script and fine acting.

  3. Fabulous and funny!! The performances and the effects kept us engaged. I would definitely recommend checking out this witty show.

  4. Super enjoyable, smart comedy with great performances. If you like your humour witty, don’t miss this one

  5. What a fun show! Great energy, witty writing, and lovely actors. Both roles were played perfectly and the set design was a treat.

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