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Created by Kaylie Hatashita | Produced by Key Creations | Origin: Ottawa
Arts Court Theatre
$10, $20, $50, or/ou $75

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Kimiko is a poetic circus show that tells the tale of self discovery and reconciling generational trauma. Using a modern perspective on traditional Japanese arts, Kimiko explores the history of Japanese-Canadians and the relatable journey of discovering one’s cultural roots. Story telling, balancing objects, dancing, and sword swallowing are all woven together into a rich live performance that is more than entertaining, it is healing. Suitable for all ages, Kimiko is a visual feast full of beauty and surprises.

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  • February 77:00pm
  • February 99:00pm
  • February 107:00pm
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Created by Kaylie Hatashita
Directed by Graham Cuthbertson

Kimiko – All in a Day with Alan Neal

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