Content Notes

The best way to describe a Content Note is to consider it a “heads up.” A note can communicate to an audience member that there may be certain depictions, or conversations, in an art piece that could be inappropriate or triggering for themselves.

On each show page, you’ll find icons that indicate production’s specific Content Warnings. Below you will find details of what each icon means.

Masking Performance
Physical Storytelling
ASL Performances
Described Performance and/or Storytelling
Audio Described Performance
Sensory Friendly Performance
Reduced Capacity
Open Captions
Mature Language
Sexual Content
Mental Health
Flashing Lights
Audience Participation
Abrupt Loud Noise

Show Ratings


Intended to be viewable by all ages. No mention of profanity, drug use, sex, or nudity.


While the show may still be alright for children, there could be mild profanity or violence.


Intended to be appropriate for teens – there may be profanity, violence and light talk of sex or drug use.


May contain any/all of the following: violence, drug abuse, sexuality, profanity, nudity, or other adult themes (among other things).