Please note that proof of vaccination and masks are required to attend Ottawa Fringe Festival.

You’ll find a complete staff listing, with phone numbers and email addresses, on our About Us page, just scroll about half-way down.

25th Ottawa Fringe Festival: June 16-26, 2022 at nine venues in Ottawa’s Downtown Rideau neighbourhood. Click to see → Festival Map.

Absolutely yes. A Fringe Pin is required to enter any show. It’s yours for $3 and is a one-time purchase. As 100% of ticket sales go directly to the performers, it’s Fringe Pins (and donations) which help the Festival grow. Available online, at any box office, and at every venue.

Join us at the Fringe Courtyard! Get drinks, snacks and catch some rays on the newly renovated Fringe Courtyard, 67 Nicholas St. The bar this year will be operated by Club SAW. → Fringe Courtyard.

*The studio theatre bar will be operated by Ottawa Fringe.

For cars, yes. Hot air balloons please call ahead. Nearby are paid parking options at the Rideau Centre, Les Suites Hotel, and the University of Ottawa. Free street parking can be found a short walk away in Sandy Hill and Lowertown. This neighbourhood is in the midst of some big-time construction projects—which will be done soon (looking at you, LRT)! If you’re driving, please plan ahead and give yourself an extra few minutes.

Insider tip: After 6pm and on weekends there is FREE parking underground at City Hall (<10 minute walk).

Fringe venues come in all shapes and sizes. In a lot of cases, you may have to cross the stage or playing space to get to your seat. However, some shows this year are allowing latecomer entry. Check the specific show page to see what the rules are for that production!

Artists have a 60-minute or a 90-minute time slot and determine the length of their shows. The actual running time of a show is likely shorter than 60 or 90 minutes. That’s because a performance which exceeds—by even one minute—its allotted time will be cut off by the venue technician. We’re on a tight schedule, folks!

Audience ratings (G, PG, 14+, Mature) are determined by the artists, not Ottawa Fringe. Remember, Fringe is completely uncensored.

  • G meant to be viewable by all ages. There is no profanity, and no scenes that depict drug use, sex, or nudity.
  • PG while the show may still be alright for children, there could be mild profanity or violence.
  • 14+ considered to be appropriate for teens/older children – there may be brief nudity, profanity, and violence without gore.
  • Mature may contain any/all of the following: violence, drug abuse, sexuality, profanity, nudity, or other adult themes (among other things).

Yup, you’re in the right place. Browse shows and buy tickets when you’re ready. Check out

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Please try a different browser, or update your browser by using the following links to find instructions:

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Or, a much easier option, give us a call or a visit!  Contact the box office at 613-232-6162, come on in to 2 Daly, Elevator B, 2nd floor.  More Box Office info here.

All shows are $12 plus a $2 service fee. 100% of the ticket price goes directly to the artist.

A limited number of discount passes are available. Visit for details.

On closing night the Festival’s most popular shows stage a round of encore performances. One show from each of the six official venues. Visit to check out Best of Fest 2022 winners.

Fringe Tips

  • Lines are love. They’re a linear pre-show party. Mingle. Chill. Meet people. Talk about the must-sees. Let an artist chat you up.
  • Go green. Be faithful to a single print program. Recycle your program. Share your program. Bring a reusable water bottle. Recycle your beer and wine cups. Walk, bike, or take public transit to Fringe.
  • Be free. Volunteers see shows for free. Visit  for more information.
  • Go behind the scenes. Subscribe for emails, like Ottawa Fringe, follow @ottawafringe on Twitter and Instagram, and surf the #ottfringe hashtag for reviews. We are all very social here at Fringe.
  • Get your pin. Get yours for $3 at any box office, online, and at any venue. You’ll need one to enter any show or we’ll make you buy another. Then you’ll have two. You can bring a friend.
  • Being on time is cool. 10 minutes before showtime, very cool. Showing up late is not cool. We will not let you in. You will be mad. Not cool!
  • Plan for parking. There are lotsa options but give yourself a few extra minutes. Think you’ll find free street parking close to the venues? Think again. There’s a new lot under the Ottawa Art Gallery (10 Daly Ave), but spaces are extremely limited, so don’t count on that either. We recommend parking garages at Rideau Centre or Les Suites Hotel, but if you want to save some money (and get your steps in) park at City Hall: it’s a 10min walk from Arts Court but free after 6pm weekdays and all day weekends.
  • Read the ads. You can get your hands on a free program because businesses, artists, sponsors, and patrons like you love the Fringe enough to buy ads or make donations. They deserve your support!
  • Express yourself. Take an audience survey. Add your reviews online. Or tell that Fringe-Pinned hottie over there what show you’re going to see next!
  • Read reviews, but decide for yourself. There are some busy bees reviewing shows at Ottawa Fringe. Fringing is all about discovery. Flying by the seat of your pants. Take a chance on an unknown show. Support the Ottawa artists and national and international performers too.
  • Cash is king. We accept Visa and Mastercard online and at box offices. But at the venue you can only buy a ticket with cash. At the Fringe Courtyard you can only buy a drink with cash. Cash is very good to put in the tip jar at the beer tent. We even have an ATM nearby so you can get cash to put in said tip jar.
  • Put yourself Front & Centre. Support the festival by donating to our annual fundraising campaign. Visit to be on your way to some great donor perks and a sweet sweet a tax-receipt