Piti Theatre Company USA
Big Empty Barn Productions USA
PUSH Physical Theatre USA
World Laughs / Marcus Ryan Australia
Ingrid Garner USA
Slade Wolfe Enterprises Limited United Kingdom
Phina Pipia USA
United Kingdom


Will and Murph Productions Bath, Ontario
Game Over Productions Edmonton, Alberta
The Pucking Fuppet Co. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Theatre Enthused Toronto, Ontario
Twisted Dog Theatre Toronto, Ontario
Spec Theatre Victoria, British Columbia
Subscatter Productions Montreal, Quebec
Catch Me In The Kitchen Toronto, Ontario

Open Doors Mentorship

Laughing Lion Productions
Key Creations
Faerie Goblin Prod
Angus By Design


Lost Baggage Musical Theatre
Into the circle
Borzoid Theatre
Entente Cordiale
Dead Unicorn Ink
Trip The Light Theatre Collective
Flying Spider
Plan B Productions
SauceBox Productions
Humm Team Productions

Heartbreak </3

Martin Dockery
big word/ jem rolls
Salvador Dinosaur
Die Roten Punkte
Natalie Bellingham
Amica Hunter
John Michael Plays
The Sacred Order of the Shining Emblem
Racing Sloth Productions
Gilda Radner Tribute
Keith Brown
camilo the magician
KG Productions
Elyott Ryan
Anesti Danelis
Bird On Stage
Floater Studios
Prairie Bear Theatre
Cullen Elijah McGrail
So Lonely Productions
Parry Riposte Productions
Rod Peter Jr
Thunder Blunder
Artbeat Theatre Group
Leif Oleson-Cormack
Archetype Productions
SNAFU Dance Theatre Society
John Hastings
Alex Dallas Productions
Doctor Keir Co.
Fenomenal Me
Dreamwork Theatre
Wes McClintock Productions
Small Friend Tall Friend
Reflection Theatre
Ebb & Flow Theatre
No Fixed Address Productions
Over the Moon Productions
Bad Monster
Spired Theatre
Sprocket Owl
Jimmy Hogg
Death Mouse Production
Kenzie Delo
Still Your Friend
Peachy Keen Productions
Wichiwou Industries
Aida Cupcake Presents
Licensed Foolery
Mythos Musical Productions
Robotic Birds Productions
Chris Gibbs
Bacchic’s Parlour
Mika Deneige
sherrielle theatre projects
Half Twin Theatre
Drawing Board Productions
The Universe Over 50
Two Left Feet Productions MTL
Breaking Ground Collective
Other[ed] Productions
Holly M Brinkman
Gangland Productions
Rich Hilborn
Cranada Productions
Greenlight Theatre
Big Towel
Us <3
Phoebe Webber
“That Canadian Guy” Glen Foster
T Time Productions
Sarah Haley
Boys’ Club
Unexpected Theatre
Remembering Fun
Velvet Duke Productions
Clark Payne
All Revved Up (and Ready To Go)
Johnny Boy Production
AL Connors
The Heron Method
Allison EB Dance
Gwenith Kikkawa
Glen Foster
Boring Comma Sexy Productions
TGWWTC Productions
Under Pressure Theatre
Pretty Ugly Theatre Productions
Studio 2Be
Insomnia Theatre Co.
Levity Theatre
Ghost Light Theatre
Garkin Productions
Configuration Theatre
Joshua Mayo
Black Otter Design