Best in Fest Winners

The Ottawa Fringe is pleased to announce the winners of Best in Fest. All of the winners will have an additional performance on Sunday evening at their venue. There are no advance tickets for these performances.

Venue 1Alumni Auditorium- Sunday June 29, 10:00pm

Garkin Productions

"Without a Clue"

Venue 2 Academic Hall- Sunday June 29, 9:30pm

Silent “Quemb” Productions

“The Wedding Night”

Venue 3-Studio Leonard Beaulne- Sunday June 29, 10:00pm

Insensitivity Training

“Naked Famous People”

Venue 4- Arts Court Library- Sunday June 29, 9:30pm

By the Book Productions

“Wooster Sauce”

Venue 5- Arts Court Theatre- Sunday June 29, 9:30pm

Scheherazade Productions

“Making Deal With Gods”

There are no Best in Venue shows for Mercury Lounge or SAW Gallery.

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