Tweet a Review, Win a Pizza winners – June 22

by Amanda Logan

June 22, 2013

An afternoon snack may be on your mind, which means it’s time to reveal yesterday’s contest winners! Congratulations to the following Fringers, all of whom tweeted reviews and through a very detailed, rigorous, and well thought our process (read: randomly selected) have each won a pizza, courtesy of ZaZaZa Pizza.

How can you win a pizza?  It’s as easy as tweeting…

Your prizes can be collected at the main box office after 5:00pm this evening.  Thank you, ZaZaZa Pizza!


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    Maybe they should keep the G20 out of major ciites. Huntsville didn’t have any violent protests. Kananaskis was drama-free. Took a short trip through the downtown core before the protesters went through it. There’s no transit, but a surprising number of stores open (including the Eaton’s Centre). Anyone else there today?

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    the weather was far midler than they had expected it to be. I was lucky I guess in that regard. I was definitely not excited about taking my camera out in the cold, but in the end I’m glad that I did because I came home with some interesting photos of the city.

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