Congratulations to our early-birds!

by Ottawa Fringe

October 21, 2012

A big bold WELCOME to the following companies who will be a part of the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival.

Bear and Co. (Ottawa, ON)

Vanity Project Productions (Ottawa, ON)

Glassiano Productions (Ottawa, ON)

ShipBrecht Productions (Ottawa, ON)

Opera Five (Toronto, Ontario)

Nortesur Artistic Productions (Burlington, Ontario)

Bzzt! Trap door Theatre (Saskatoon, SK)

Theatre Howl (Saskatoon, SK)


These companies were the first 4 local and 4 national/international to be submitted today via email after 10am.  But don’t worry about those keeners.  You still have a shot.  Submit your application by Monday November 26th at 5pm to be entered into our lottery.


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    Hi Evelyn – thank you for the feedback . I nroamlly don’t post videos, so you made me feel like I did do the right thing to share one that was enjoyable.You just made my day thank you for your very generous comment, and thanks for subscribing!

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