Are you experiencing Fringe withdrawal?

by Ottawa Fringe

August 20, 2012

Are you finding yourself reading reviews from shows currently performing in Fringes across Canada?

Do you find yourself constantly humming tunes from the musicals you saw at the Ottawa Fringe?

Did you frame your fully punched-out 10 shows pass and hang it above your bed with pride?

(Ok, that last one was just a bit weird and you should get some serious help.)

For the rest of you, we have a solution: a Sci-fi Double Feature presented during the Downtown Rideau BIA’s Summer Fling art extravaganza!  Did you miss out on Go Fly a Kite’s production of ALIEN PREDATOR: THE MUSICAL or Dead Unicorn Ink’s SPACE MYSTERY… FROM OUTER SPACE?  Well now’s your chance to see both hit Fringe shows for the price of one!

Running at Arts Court Theatre from August 30th to September 2nd and at $12 a ticket, you do not want to miss this.

Full details about the Downtown Rideau BIA’s Summer Fling programming can be found here.

More information about the Sci-fi Double Feature – Fringe Benefits – can be found here.


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