Haven’t heard of Ottawa Theatre School? If not, you will soon, especially if you’ll be around the Fringe. The school, along with it’s grads and recent grads, have three shows in 2012 festival. Here’s a sneak peek at all three of them.

Ottawa Theatre School
Ottawa, Canada
by Nikolai Erdman
90 mins | Comedy | General

A brilliant and penetrating satire about an unemployed man who contemplates suicide and is besieged by spokespeople of discontented groups, from artists to intellectuals, who want him to turn his suicide into a gesture on their behalf. “A masterpiece…. Lights up the sky.” Guardian, London.  Directed by Pierre Brault.

BYOV F – Cafe Alt
Thursday June 14 9:30 (2 for 1)
Friday June 15 6:00
Saturday June 16 6:00
Sunday June 17 8:30
Monday June 18 8:00
Wednesday June 20 8:00
Thursday June 21 7:30
Friday June 22 7:30
Saturday June 23 7:30
Sunday June 24 6:00

Backpack Theatre
Ottawa, Canada
by Jonah Allingham
45 mins | Folk Tale | PG

Winter of 1610. Sailing aboard a ship in search of the North-West Passage, separated from his wife and children, and isolated in a vast unforgiving sea, a man finds solace in the eyes of a beautiful woman hidden in the waves. An Ocean tale told through poetic language and folk music.

BYOV B – Royal Oak
Thursday June 14 6:30 (2 for 1)
Friday June 15 9:30
Saturday June 16 4:00
Sunday June 17 4:00
Monday June 18 6:30
Tuesday June 19 6:30
Wednesday June 20 6:30
Thursday June 21 6:30
Saturday June 23 6:30
Sunday June 24 4:00

Warrior Food
Ottawa, Canada
by Collective
60 mins | Drama | PG

You can not be indifferent about status.You can not be indifferent about poverty.You can not be indifferent about death. Indifference is evil! Come see an original creation by 8 emerging artists!

Venue 3 – Academic Hall
Thursday June 14 10:00 (2 for 1)
Sunday June 17 10:30
Wednesday June 20 5:00
Friday June 22 5:00
Saturday June 23 8:00
Sunday June 24 3:00

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    Emily I am in the green group right? I have two emails baecuse when I first registered I picked the wrong one blue . I visited Sam’s sight seriously you two are so amazing. I can’t wait to have my printer working so I can print off some worsheets. love shelby

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