OFF The Record

by Ottawa Fringe

November 30, 2011

15 Years of the Ottawa Fringe Festival


OFF the Record: 15 years of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, a full-colour book of stories, images, and other memories spanning the history of Ottawa’s longest-running theatre festival.  Featuring original content from veteran Fringe performers and patrons, including Pierre Brault, Emily Pearlman, and Brian Carroll, and photography by Andrew Alexander and Justin Van Leeuwen, as well as the most complete and thorough listing of all shows and companies that have taken part in the Ottawa Fringe Festival over its fifteen years.

Have you ever wondered…
What’s it like to have a BYOV?
Which companies have taken part in every Ottawa Fringe to date?
What is the “Fringe Dilemma”?
What year was the Alumni Auditorium first used as a Fringe venue?
Which Ottawa performer slept in a cupboard in Vancouver while on tour?

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To the Rest of the World – $15.00

OFF the Record

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