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All Request Radio

Atelier Theatre

“Playing your favourite made up songs!” All Request Radio is an improvised jukebox musical creating instant nostalgia. Join award-winning emerging artist The Velvet Duke in the daring world of CKVD 995 FM — a radio station where the DJ freestyle sings the top 10 songs, without knowing the music ahead of time…

Oh Boy!

Arts Court Theatre

There are those who fall away, and far away, find a way. And there are those like the boy we see today at 9:30 AM at Colonel Arvin’s Family Style Restaurant and Dance Hall in Ingersoll, Ontario – population 13,693. Here today, here there, here everywhere…

Shelley and Lovelace Never Met

Mary Shelley invented science fiction. Ada Lovelace invented computer science. They never met. Isn’t that odd?

Plagued by debts, Victorian society, and Lord Byron, they lived parallel lives that never quite touched. In a silent churchyard they share secrets, scandals, and a sneaking horror that their legacies might not outlive them.

The Remembering


The discovery of a tooth in a tomato garden begins a chilling spiral into this trans, autistic reimagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This new work of contemporary, queer horror by acclaimed spoken word artist, Billie Nell, melds Gothic fiction, theatre, and poetry in an excavation of late autism diagnosis and interrogation of what one finds when you hold a shovel to your own stomach…