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Through My Lens

Created by Amy Amantea with Theatre Replacement | Origin: Vancouver
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Through My Lens is a new intimate work by theatre artist Amy Amantea that combines conversation, hospitality and portraiture.

Amy is an artist with a lived experience of blindness, specifically having a total of 2% vision in one eye. She is also a photographer with a practice that involves walking the city at twilight looking for interesting light patterns and capturing them with her camera.

Through My Lens brings these life experiences into one small photography studio where Amantea shares her work as a photographer with a single participant who then describes her images—images she has never “seen”—back to her. The photos reveal themselves in accordance with the conversation and open up new realms of perception—a reciprocal collision of visual and non-visual experiences.

Content Notes

Audience Participation. For extended content notes, click here.

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  • February 87:00pm
  • February 97:00pm
  • February 102:30pm
  • February 108:30pm
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Written and performed by Amy Amantea
With Writing and Direction by James Long
Media Design and Operation by Nico Dicecco
Lighting and Set Design by Sophie Tang
Through My Lens is a commission of SpiderWebShow Performance

Through My Lens is supported by the BC Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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