The Ottawa Fringe remains committed to supporting and presenting diverse, inclusive, accessible theatre, and to supporting our community of artists and patrons.

Our priorities are:

  • to create safe and inclusive spaces
  • to support all artists, and
  • to promote equitable access to expression

We do this to help ensure that every story is told. How this looks, sounds and feels is different for every individual.

Accessibility is a commitment and an evolving process for our organization. This work is important, because it deepens, challenges and expands theatre, to make space for everyone.

Ottawa Fringe Commitment

The Ottawa Fringe remains committed to inclusive, accessible theatre, and supporting our community– which includes both artists and patrons – in a multitude of ways. Our priority is to create and nurture spaces where artists have equitable access to expression and our continued dedication to ensuring every story is told.

While this may look and sound and feel different to each individual, the Fringe is committed to upholding our values of inclusivity, integrity, and accessibility by building spaces where our community can gather together in safety and experience theatre and art shows fully.

Accessibility is a commitment and a practice to expand theatre so that everyone can create, share, and experience all that theatre has to offer. It is a reminder for us all to treat each other with respect and requires us to think of others in relation to ourselves. It provides actionable and meaningful steps we can take to ensure every person in our community feels welcome and has an equitable opportunity to experience every show at the Festival.

These steps allow us to open up our theatres and our shows so that our stories can reach every heart and speak to every soul. Our stories. Our community is a shared, participatory space – not just for some, but for everyone. This is, and will remain, a priority for the Ottawa Fringe.

To read our Accessiblity Standards Customer Service Policy please click here.