The Geography Teacher’s Orders

Marta Singh

Created and performed by Marta Singh

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983. The military dictatorship has fallen. Headlines herald “The End of Fear.” Meanwhile, the geography teacher at a private English-speaking school is not replaced with the advent of democracy. Her reign of terror is legendary. Under her rule students turn against themselves and against each other, but two kids shunned for their otherness are about to earn the power to bring on the unthinkable.

From the creator and producer of Landscapes of Silence and A Dubious Blessing, comes the true-to-life story of a grade 10 classroom at an incredible time of change. It is the tale of a nation’s dream, of two unlikely heroes – and of a storyteller who, once upon a time, did not know how to think.

“It’s theatre in its most essential form. It upholds the oral tradition of telling our history. It’s drama, it’s excitement. It’s a one-woman show of performance art filled with enchantment, beauty, humour and tragedy. It’s movement, gesture and the persuasive power of the human voice.”

“Words dropped in beauty. Here expressiveness is unique. Marta’s voice is her and hers only.”

“It was as if the audience was collectively holding its breath.”

“Marta Singh! So beyond entertainment!”

“More real than the chair I was sitting on!”

“Absolutely mesmerizing! Marta draws one in to her stories like thirst draws one to drink.”


The Last Spartan

Pierre Brault

How important is Art to a society? How will a culture be remembered if it has created no art? Multi award winning actor and playwright Pierre Brault, portrays multiple characters in this homage to his two greatest loves; history and the theatre.

“Brault is pure actor, a pleasure to watch.” – The Sunday Independent (Ireland)

“Pierre Brault is a national capital treasure” – CBC Radio


The Music Buffet with Rory Gardiner

Rory Gardiner

You’ve heard his music on TV with Actors like Kevin Nealon, or athletes like Chris Bosch & Arnold Palmer. Award winning songwriter has opened for acts like Keith Urban, toured 3 continents, and now turns his experiences into a one hour show. We’ll take a comedic look behind the music, sharing stories, original songs & taking audience requests (Top 40, Country, Classic rock).

FREE CD with entry.


The Shit Hot Shit Show

Deborah Ring

It’s the only sketch show in town right now and it’s: SHIT HOT SHIT. From the Cambridge English Dictionary: “shit hot” (British English adjective UK, offensive) def: extremely good Ottawa’s only bi-monthly sketch variety show comes to fringe! Every show will be filled with stand up comedy, musical guests, showcases from other Fringe acts and of course sketch!

This is Step One

Jess McAuley

Jess has it all together… at least that’s what she wants you to think. After an accidental and horrifying blast from the past, Jess begins to recount her less than virtuous teen and young adult life. We are what we remember, and what Jess remembers isn’t the greatest picture. But time heals all things… right?

Unashamed, unabashed, and unapologetic, Jess is ready to take you on a journey of what *really* happened – and it’s gonna be dirty. She’s ready for the first steps of recovery.


Ultraviolet Life

Production Mirage

A medical setting, a flirtation with death, an encounter with an oracle, a mysterious mirror and elusive three-way love affair. In a liminal space, Ultraviolet Life explores illness and resilience using gesture and burlesque.


“I was scared to show you. But I had to tell you, otherwise you’ll never know who I really am.”


This production thanks Emerging Creators’ Unit and Theatre 4.669.

What They Said About Love

Steve Budd

Don’t miss this “Hilarious take on how people fall in love” (East Bay Express). Steve Budd wonders why other people can and he can’t–tie the knot, that is. So he asked couples about the push and pull of love—what keeps them from pulling apart despite annoying the heck out of each other. Meet a New Age couple that swears they met before they met, a pair of Metal Heads who thought it would be a hoot to get married on 6-6-06, and more. Satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies about how others look for love—and, in some cases, find it.

What They Said About Love won Best of the 2016 San Francisco Fringe Festival and is “…funny, poignant, thoughtful, and revealing about the search for love” ( This is documentary theater at its best, a la Anna Deavere Smith. Steve Budd brings 12 characters to life, using their words from hours of interviews, and weaves in the story of his own search for “the one.” The piece was directed by Mark Kenward, and developed with the help of David Ford at The Marsh, with additional assistance from John Coppola and Slater Penney. Come see what Bay Area audiences have been talking about.