The Home Show

Evolution Theatre

In my beginning is my end. (T.S. Eliot). Does the place you live define you as a person? Is our idea of home being transformed by forces beyond our control? From treasured spaces of the past, to harsh streets, to catastrophe, to shelter and sanctuary, Evolution Theatre’s exploration of where we live is a theatrical open house on the subject of home.
Director/Dramaturge: Laurie Fyffe
Cast: William Beddoe, Jacqui Du Toit and Norah Paton
Musician/Sound: Jack Pyl


The Iliad for Dummies

Lauriane Lehouillier, Julie Malenfant & Valérie Soares

Homer’s The Iliad is a complex epic poem that intricates war and politics among the livings and the Gods, making it almost impossible to understand thousands of years after it was first told! Using everyday objects, The Iliad for Dummies takes the essence of the story and vulgarizes it in a modern way that takes away its nobility, its pretension, its censorship and…its decency.

The Inventor of All Things

jem rolls

So Leo Szilard is a Jewish Hungarian on the run from the Nazis in London in 1933.
When he has the single scariest idea any human being has ever had.
The Atomic Bomb.
Even worse, the home of Physics then is Berlin.
Which has just become Nazi Berlin.
It is what happens next.
It is a true story.
He was very funny.
And prize-winningly eccentric.
And pretty much no-one has ever heard of him.
Smash hit FringeTour 2015.
“Terrific ” ★★★★★ – StarPhoenix
“Superb” ★★★★ 1/2 stars – Edmonton Sun.
“Magnetic, mesmerising” – CBC
“The unbelievable true story of Hungarian-American physicist and inventor Leo Szilard… Jem Rolls is dynamic, funny, and passionate …proves that truth is stranger than fiction in this incredibly entertaining and engaging story … reminiscent of a party guest telling a story over dinner… It is my belief that his story has enriched my life.“ – Apartment 613, June 2015
“A Gem of a performance!… Rolls turns the life story of this incredible human being, who escaped the Nazis, into the masterful adventure of a superhero. The range of his delivery is enormous and it is this playful delivery that stimulates our attention and keeps us glued for a whole hour.” -Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle, June 2015.
“Beloved performer” – Montreal Gazette, June 2015
A big story of a little man in big times.

The Sellout

Curtis Gough

Andrea MacWilliams as Sam
Victoria Elizabeth Luloff as Christina
Rebecca Laviolette as Charlie
Curtis Gough as Emmett (has replaced Karim Rostom)
Written by Curtis Gough
Directed by Kevin Da Ponte
Stage Managed by Irfan Manji
With a cast of four talented musicians, this not-quite-a-musical follows Sam, a young singer-songwriter trying to survive. She has lost her boyfriend, her job, and her dignity, but she lies on a sofa day-dreaming about how life could have been. Her sister Charlie, a producer, hires Christina to help produce Sam’s music. It turns out: Sam dated Christina too. Though Sam and Christina try to work together, their past comes back to haunt them, everything goes wrong. Through a maze of lies, betrayal, murder, and unrequited love, Sam tries to put her life back together by becoming the thing she hates most of all.
Come see violence, seduction, and live music at this world premier written by local artist Curtis Gough. Starring Fringe veterans and up-and-coming Ottawa actors Victoria Elizabeth Luloff from the acclaimed 2017 Ottawa production of Little Shop of Horrors and Rebecca Laviolette from the acclaimed 2016 Ottawa production of The Three Musketeers. Also starring local Ottawa musicians Andrea MacWilliams from Grace Note and Karim Rostom from The White Lighters.


The Sink

The Alley Brats

The worker lives in an industrial nightmare.

His days filled with the machine and his nights are dreams of a better world.

Join his rhythmic journey of self discovery.

Winner of the 2015 “Judges Choice Award” at the Ottawa Fringe Festival.

Come see it if you missed it the first time around.

Three to Leave

Sofie Milito, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Aurel Pressat & Franco Pang

Blissfully bold, painfully shy.

Three to Leave explores the depths and complexities of change and looking back at ourselves through three teenagers deciding to leave their homes. With a series of vignettes, Three to Leave looks at vulnerabilities ranging from the fears of being laid bare and the courage that is necessary to do it.


Tiny Dynamite

Abi Morgan

From falling sandwiches to falling in love, Tiny Dynamite is a story of personal responsibility in a universe ruled by chance.

After years of witnessing the tragic suicide of a woman they both loved and lost, lifelong friends, Lucien and Anthony meet up for their annual summer vacation…only this summer they encounter Madeleine, a woman who bears unusual resemblance to the woman they lost.


Damien Bailey & Pamela Feghali

Wesley the Hobobobo talks gorillas, yetis, rat-tails, and rainbow popsicles, which are all interconnected to his missing tooth and his father’s macho principles. Will passing stranger, Maya, whose pressing concerns tick tock like her biological clock, have the time or desire to listen to Wesley’s fantastical stories? Will she even have a choice?

Tooth:Hurty tackles the fragility of boyhood, the insecurities of manhood, and the idealisation of fatherhood, all the while finding a place for the stifled female voice.

Directed by Capital Critics Circle Award winner Pamela Feghali


Unbridled Futurism

Nick Di Gaetano with Teddy Ivanova

Nick Di Gaetano is an inter-dimensional refugee. He is also an astronaut whacked out on light speed and a corporate spokesperson for Google. He is also one of the Eight Raccoon Kings of Great Garbage Land and a Cat who is also a Wizard. Join him for songs, comic monologues and video sketches in this space-time odyssey through the multiverse.


Underneath it All

Hannah Gibson-Fraser & Jodi Morden

“How did I get from 6 years old to here? It’s like living in a fishbowl, from the outside you can see things crystal clear. But from the inside, you rock slowly, unaware of the vortex sucking you down.” An intricate look at the lives of two women and their journey through love and tragedy. The choices they have made to get where they are today, and what their future holds.