Erum Khan

A woman confined in purgatory grapples with fractured memories of her life. Inspired by the work of avant-garde filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Maya Deren, Becoming delves into a stream of consciousness exploration of our identities and their ongoing metamorphosis of continued motion through discontinued space. Developed at the Emerging Creators Unit at Buddies. Directed by Liz Peterson.

Photo credit: Dahlia Katz

Blanket Fort

Leaping Mammal Collective

Blanket Fort explores the messy lives of three roommates. They share a small top floor apartment in a old building. They struggle to deal with themselves and, of course, their evil landlord. They like to drink. In a world where very real, very dark forces control the best hangout spots, our roommates fail to chill, and find themselves up to their necks in feathers and moustache hairs.

Blanket Fort is the first work created by Leaping Mammal Collective. Leaping Mammal is a budding theatre company in Ottawa and is very excited to be playing in the fringe this year! Leaping Mammal’s mandate is to create collectively and embrace the absurd.
An initial version of the show premiered as an opening act for the Fringe Encore production of Dead Unicorn Ink’s very popular Ten Little Sinners in October 2017. The initial version was about 20 min in length. The work received very well by our audiences. We were praised both for our relatable characters, and creative staging. We then decided to extend Blanket Fort to a full one act play! Both the initial and full length version of the show were created collectively by the cast.

Mark Andy Kellie
Xan Carley Richards
Haydn Jon Dickey

Directed by Ian McMullen

Leaping Mammal Collective

Leaping: we are excited, we are moving, we are trying to fly

Mammal: we are alive, we have instincts, we are honest about who we are

Collective: we create together, we play together, we share in joy, we share in pain


Troy Arsenian, Georgia Gibbons, Bennett Langdon, Lauren Rae, Taylor Stewart, Brooke Trealout and Ben Van Dine

Four teenagers are given their first taste of freedom and authority as they are signing up to be counselors at Camp Nooke. Things go horribly awry when they are not able to handle their newfound autonomy, and struggle to find their place in the world.


Not Oasis

The party is not over until they say it is!

After a Sold-out run at Toronto Fringe, Not Oasis takes their sharp wit and snappy punch lines to the nation’s capital. They’re fashionably late but ready to celebrate!

Patron’s Pick Winner – 2017 Toronto Fringe

Critics’ Pick – 2017 NOW Magazine

– Mooney on Theatre

“like a Second City mainstage revue…laugh-out-loud funny.”
– NOW Magazine


Colette Kendall

From the 3X Canadian Comedy Award Nominated creator of THE COCKWHISPERER-A Love Story comes CLIT WIT-A Feminist Rude Awakening! A shoddy at best feminist navigates a life of CCM bikes, novelty t-shirts, middle-age, love at first sight and other similar nightmares.

“A fearless performer, her candor is often shocking but it’s also hilarious” – Georgia Straight

“A Masterful storyteller” – 5 Stars Ed Sun


Daters Gonna Date

Brendan Main & Colleen Waltenbury

Good Morning Apocalypse presents an all new sketch revue, and this time they’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Follow poor Deb as she struggles to break up with a mime. Thrill at a cavity-inducing visit to Count Chocula’s castle. Shudder at the spirits that haunt a Sexy Swayze Night. Staged by a team that was Patron’s Pick at TOFringe, this is one show worth swiping right for.

Dating Myself

Rob Corbett

A romantic comedy with a big heart on. Computer dating in your 50’s sucks and blows but sometimes that’s a good thing. Join our hero on his journey of surviving and celebrating love, sex, distance, kinda open relationships, and dad bods. Losing yourself and finding what you really want? That’s a reason to swipe right.

3 reasons why you should come and see DATING MYSELF:
1) Where else can you laugh at a naked, grown man with a less than perfect body and not feel like an asshole?
2) Because we’ve all been confused about love, sex, relationships, middle age, distance relationships or internet dating. If you’ve never been confused by any of these things, then go see one of the other awesome fringe shows, this one will confuse you.
3) Because neurotic, big-hearted, romantic comedies are awesome.


Warning: contains nudity.

Drawn That Way

Victoria Luloff

Drag your friends to Drawn That Way, a Cabaret featuring Bebe Queen. With comedy, live music, TMI, and guest artists at every performance you will have a gay old time. Bebe sings original songs composed by local musicians Andrea MacWilliams and Kenny Hayes; lyrics by Victoria Luloff. Licensed venue… I know right?


Drunk Girl

Thea Fitz-James

A mix of theatre & storytelling, Drunk Girl explores the intimacy, terror and celebration of women who drink. We follow 2 enigmatic characters, asking why so many smart, high-achieving women love a drink or 10. Drunk Girl is that moment the party takes a turn, a rollercoaster of calorie-counting keg parties and false feminisms. Is the drunk girl a contemporary crisis or radical feminist?

Faris Who Talks To Rats

Allan Mackey

A little bit Disney, a little bit Harry Potter, a little bit Shakespeare: Faris Who Talks To Rats is the story of a young woman who lands herself in a secret realm of magic as the only hope to stop a Dark Fairy from stealing the spark of imagination from humankind. A fairy-tale for grown-ups, complete with magic and mischief and puppets.


Featuring: Charlotte van Walraven, Hayley Berketa, Vanessa Pauzé, Sophie McIntosh, and Douglas Connors, with Jessica Sloan and Mike Kosowan as Sprocket and Faucet.