The Key to Time Travel

Created by Allison Elizabeth Burns — | Produced by allisoneb | Origin: Ottawa, Canada

What is the key to time travel? It’s easier than you think. We’re doing it right now. I’m writing this, thinking about you – and now you’re reading it, thinking about me. Present tense, days apart.

The Key to Time Travel is a theatrical contemporary dance duet inspired by the groove, strength, and shapes of Breakdance. It treads the brilliant borderland between reality and magic. The dancers travel through time by dropping memory markers/keys in specific moments in the past, present, and future. They want to know: can we somehow reach people who are here in a different “now”?

Each show will feature an open act choreographed by a different local contemporary dance artist; Geoffrey Dollar (June 13), Alya Graham (June 15), Cathy Kyle (June 16), Sarah Hopkin (June 18), Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson (June 21), and Mizuki Hoshino (June 23).

Critics’ reactions to Allisoneb’s 2017 Ottawa Fringe production:
“It’s unusual to walk into a room and experience beauty, but Do You Want To Live Forever? is an exercise in the sublime […] I was captivated.” – David Currie, Apt613

“Delightful and mesmerizing. Allison Burns is a gorgeous dancer, exemplifying poetry in motion” – Allan Mackey, On Stage

Show credits: Allison Elizabeth Burns – Project Instigator & Choreographer | Amanda Bon, Chelsea Passmore, and Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson – Collaborating Performers | Tristan Henry – Composer and Creator of Original Score | Travis Martin – Writer and Story Consultant | Keir Knight – Choreographic Consultant | Yvonne Coutts – Mentor

The Key to Time Travel (teaser) from Allison Burns on Vimeo.



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