Happy Birthday, Claire!

Created by Valerie Cardinal — happybirthdayclaire.com | Produced by Cardinal Theatre | Origin: Toronto, Canada

Claire’s birthday wish is for everyone to forget she’s turning twenty-five – but her quarter-life crisis prompts her well-meaning sister Alex to throw the birthday bash Claire never wanted. Among the attendees are Claire’s superhumanly successful former best friend and her model boyfriend – and an honest-to-goodness extraterrestrial!

After all, who doesn’t love a good birthday party? Nobody, that’s who. Everybody loves a good party. Even people not from this Earth. Even people who’ve come to this Earth to conquer it. Who doesn’t love to conquer a good party?

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Directed by the director of THE BUREAU OF BAT SHIT CRAZY and FARIS WHO TALKS TO RATS, Happy Birthday, Claire! is a zany, energetic romp with party games, cake, laughter, cake, and a lot of heart. Did I mention the cake?

Written by: Valerie Cardinal
Directed by: Allan Mackey
Stage Manager: Natasha Trepanier


Allie Duff as CLAIRE
Vanessa Pauzé as ALEX
Clarissa Baron as RENÉE
Nicholas Maillet as JOHN
Sarah Ashton as EMMA (the extraterrestrial)

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