Beowulf In Afghanistan

Created by Laurie Fyffe — | Produced by A Likely Story | Origin: Ottawa, Canada

Beowulf In Afghanistan is written by Laurie Fyffe and directed by Kate Smith, with performances by Axandre Lemours & Laurie Fyffe. Sound Design is by Lydia Talajic. Stage Manager: Lydia Talajic.

A classics professor, Louise, receives a partly burned copy of the poem Beowulf from a former student, Grant, a young man enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. Memories and stories merge as the professor recalls the tale of an ancient world tormented by the scourge of the monster Grendel, and GRANT recounts his combat experiences fighting the Taliban. From the desolate moors of an Anglo Saxon realm to the treacherous terrain of modern warfare, Beowulf in Afghanistan revisits a tale of heroes and monsters and asks if the words of an ancient poem can heal the wounds of war.

Show Rating: 14+Content Warning: ViolenceContent warning: Mature Language



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