Beneath the Bikini

Created by Katie Thayer — | Produced by Bikini Katie Productions | Origin: Orlando, USA

Beneath the Bikini is an award-winning, one woman story telling cabaret about body image and body paint!

In 2013, Katie Thayer started Bikini Advertising Space, a BYOV performance art experience, in which she walks around Orlando Fringe in a bikini, selling ad space on her body. Better known as “Bikini Katie” in Fringe circles, this is her story about growing up not-so-skinny, her love of food, and finding the confidence to start a bikini advertising venture.

In the hour long cabaret, Katie sings about her favorite foods, dressing strangely so peers would make fun of her fashion instead of her weight, and her Grandmother’s fixation with her body, while dementia was slowly starting to take her mind.

Winner: “Best Solo Show- Cabaret” (Orlando Fringe 2018)

The Orlando Weekly says “…Thayer’s quirky, heartfelt cabaret will draw you in… She has an improviser’s command of the stage, and effectively uses movement, songs and visual jokes to break up the monologues… The story is well-realized, with a good balance of laughter and serious moments.”

The Orlando Sentinel says “A good cabaret is one with a respectable performer who knows how to tell an engaging story. Beneath the Bikini is that, and more.”



This show is largely about body image.
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