Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy

Created by DK Reinemer — | Produced by DK Reinemer | Origin: Portland, USA

Comedian DK Reinemer (Help! I’m American) presents his smokin’ hot, action adventure comedy about a strait-laced detective thrust deep undercover in the unfamiliar world of male stripping. He’s undercover, underdressed, and over the top. Can he pull it off?

“Uproariously funny, fast-paced and action-packed piece of rock-solid gold entertainment” – Cult MTL
“It’s essentially a Michael Bay blockbuster movie with 100% more male twerking” – Bad Feelings Mag
“Four Stars” – VUE Magazine
“Reinemer is a talented guy” – Orlando Sentinel

“Cool as a Cucumber Award” – Orlando Fringe 2018
“Sharing Award Winner” – Montreal 2017/2018
“Multi-Award Winner” – Montreal 2017
“Outstanding Artist Award” – Calgary Fringe 2017
“Spirit of the Fringe Award” – Montreal Fringe 2017



This show contains loud sounds of gunfire and explosions. Also, the performer takes a lot of their clothes off.
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