A Period Piece

Created by Lauren Welchner & Monica Bradford-Lea — www.facebook.com/SpicyDayTheatre | Produced by Spicy Day | Origin: Ottawa, Canada

“I heard if you use a tampon you lose your virginity”

Let’s get personal. Join us for a wacky, honest, and musical unpacking of our relationship with our vaginas and the things that come out of them. We talk periods, we talk bodies, we talk stigmas, we talk womanhood. Full of off-the-wall humour and down to earth truths, A Period Piece is a show that is for everyone.

Described as “two local female performers who have a very strong and defined perspective” (New Ottawa Critics), and “side-splittingly funny” (Apt613), Ottawa-based theatre company Spicy Day has been creating new, critically-acclaimed productions since 2016.


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