A person sits in a hammock. with their arms behind their head, attached to an ambulance. Ambulance garage behind.

The Emergency Monologues

Created by Morgan Jones Phillips | Produced by Drinking Well | Origin: Toronto, Canada
école secondaire publique De La Salle public high school
12 + fees

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The Emergency Monologues is a storytelling adventure about what it’s really like to be a paramedic. Sharing the stage is The Wheel of Misfortune which makes every show unique as it spins out a random selection of hilarious tales of blood, vomit and poo. Based on almost 20 years of experience, these are the 911 stories that don’t make the news…

Content Notes

Some of the stories in the show may involve incidents of violence, people with mental illnesses or themes of a sexual nature. They are certainly described using mature language.

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  • Friday, June 16th7:00pm
  • Saturday, June 17th5:00pm
  • Monday, June 19th7:00pm
  • Wednesday, June 21st6:00pm
  • Friday, June 23rd10:00pm
  • Sunday, June 25th4:00pm
  • Sunday, June 25th7:00pm
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Best of Fringe, Toronto in 2014.

*All performances will have ASL interpretation. 

3 responses to “The Emergency Monologues

  1. The Wheel of Misfortune! Laughs a comin’. Laughs and gore. Laughs and gore and tragedy. And a tune or two. The whole spectrum here folks, as Phillips tells paramedic tales blunt and sharp, good and bad, horrific and heartwarming. A spinning wheel choses the story so every show is different – a brilliant marketing maneuver.

    More storytelling than acting, these monologues are a collection of engrossing tales one might hear in a tavern over pints as Phillips opens up his hectic world of daily emergencies with a warm, palatable, matter of fact delivery. A learning experience to boot.


    – hipCRANK

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